The Company

Mission and Profile

AUP mission is to supply equipment, accessories, technical solutions and services, that fulfil the customer’s demands for processes productivity and quality improvement.

AUP is a reference in the market where operates, making a difference for its competence and structure:

1. To implement advanced technical solutions so that the investment is reverted into clear customer’s benefit;

2. To privilege partnerships with key suppliers that allows us to assure quality to our clients.

3. To have a key role as a partner in the development of better solutions, using our know how and making it available in order to benefit our client.

We are professional, competent, acting with empathy.

In work development we are diligent, creative and pro-active so we can achieve or exceed our customers’ expectations.

In order to allow the best market performance, AUP promotes, within its abilities, a greater commitment of managers and employees to its corporate goals through external formation and an outstanding work environment where the staff has a word to say and where everyone is treated has an individual, so that we can solve every problem timely.

Areas of Action

Car supply industry:
Exaust systems, Car seating, Cables, die-casting.

Cork Industry:
Corks, coating, pellets, Cork Composites.

Indústrias Têxteis:
Confecção de todos os tipos, Fiação, Tecelagem, Acabamentos, Têxtil Lar, Outros.


Textiles Industry:
Clothing, wiring, weaving, finishes, household textiles, others.

Food Industries:
Cakes and cookies, slaughterhouses, broiler houses, frozen products, mills, compound feed, pork products, alcoholic beverages, Ice-cream, dairy products, others.

Other industries:
Graphic arts, ceramic, Glass, metal industry, civil construction, public works, hotel management, furniture, footwear, mattresses, car components, articles of plastic, moulds, hardware items, Ink, others.

Freight transport, logistics operators, express parcels, passenger transport, Football Clubs, financial services, forwarders, local government, public bodies, others.

Some of our customers

Faurecia FAA

FST – Faurecia Seating Talmaciu

FEAM – Faurecia Equipment Automobiles Maroc


SLM Scmidt Light Metal

ACC – Amorim Cork Composites

Amorim & Irmãos

Equipar SA

Amorim Florestal


MJO - Manuel Joaquim Orvalho

Schneider Electric SA



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